Warranty policy

1. Warranty coverage

Tezeus service team will provide you with the best quality service efficient service for your every trip to provide a comfortable guarantee. Each new Tezeus bicycle frame, part or accessory is guaranteed for two year from the date of delivery. This limited warranty is specifically limited to the replacement of defective frames, defective products or defective parts or accessories and is the only remedy for consumers. Maintenance or replacement within the warranty period will not extend the warranty period. This warranty shall not affect any legal rights of the consumer. This limited warranty does not cover parts or accessories that are normally worn, improperly assembled, improperly followed up, or installed by anyone other than a certified Tezeus bicycle specialist without Tezeus' express instructions. The warranty does not apply to damage or failure caused by accident, misuse, misuse, neglect, corrosion or failure to maintain or service the product in accordance with the written instructions accompanying the product, the Tezeus application or at a specified appropriate time interval. Modification of the framework or component and failure to download and install mobile device application updates will invalidate this warranty.


2.Warranty process

Please contact Tezeus customer service at support@tezeus.cn

we require proof of purchase and the most detailed description of the problem as well as photo and/or video materials. Please note that you should stop using the product for your own safety until the problem is completely resolved. Before taking any further action, you should contact Tezeus customer service to understand the warranty process and obtain our prior notice and authorization. If you or a third party attempts to repair the product without prior notification of Tezeus Authorization, the warranty is void.